There is Precision to the Process

Matthew 1:17

There were 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 from David to the exile to Babylon and 14 from the exile to appearance of Christ.  There is precision to the process.

God had a set time for the birth of Christ.  From the time of the promise to Abraham to the manifestation of Christ was 42 generations.  There were some things that had to happen and some people that had to be born before the manifestation of the promise, Christ.  It was not an immediate manifestation but a precise process. 

Likewise with the vision God has entrusted to you.  There is a precise, predetermined process that must occur before the set time of its manifestation.  How are you dealing with the process?  Do you resent it?  Does it stir anger within you?  Do you try to speed it up or slow it down, or are you endeavoring to flow in what God has mapped out for you?

Submission to the process is a key part in birthing the vision that God has given you for the process is the tool through which not only the vision is manifested, but also through which God crafts the character in you that is necessary for you to be an effective steward of the vision once it manifests. 

Many fail because they fail to embrace the process of the vision and instead are only concerned about the vision itself.  You must submit to the process of preparation in order to effectively walk in the manifestation of the vision God has entrusted to you. 

Remember, there is precision to the process and a part of its purpose is to prepare you to effectively manage the vision to the honor and glory of God.

Be encouraged!