Beware of this Trap – Majoring in the Minors

 Do you sometimes find yourself making a big thing out of a small thing, a mountain out of a molehill, majoring in the minors?  

How many times do you find yourself getting all “kerruffulledup(Bahamian dialect for unfocused and bent out of shape over an issue) when faced with a situation before pausing and asking yourself, “Does it really matter?”

So you weren’t invited to the get-together at Susie’s and Don’s house – Does it really matter? Are not your times in His God’s hands?  Did it ever occur to you that He may not even want you there?  

So the guy never “dresses up” when he comes to worship service – Does it really matter?  Is not our Father more concerned about whether He is worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth with clean hands and a pure heart? 

So the carpet, chairs and drapes are not stylish and coordinated – Does it really matter?   Is the physical building really that important to God when in fact He says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and wherever two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, there He is in their midst?

So you were not asked to chair the committee – Does it really matter? Is not God working all things together for your good because you love Him and are the called according to His purpose? Did it ever dawn on you that perhaps He may need you available for another Kingdom assignment in the near future?

So your supervisor likes to “curry-favor” your co-worker and gives him privileges you feel you deserve – Does it really matter? Are we not admonished in the Colossians 3:23, 24 to work as unto the Lord who holds our reward and not as unto man?  Does not Psalms 75:6, 7 tell us that promotion comes from the Lord and not man? Do you really believe that such actions of another person can stop something in your workplace that our almighty God has ordained for you if He has ordained it for you?

So the folks next door do not check for God, openly and proudly take part in wicked, evil deeds, and are “prospering” while you are following hard after Him, living right, and struggling – Does it really matter?  Will not the wicked have their day if they do not repent? Will not God reward you in due season if you don’t get tired of doing what you know is right?  

One of the enemy’s key strategies against the Body of Christ today is to lure us into majoring in the minors, to get us distracted, caught up and ensnared by minor situations and circumstances, hindering us from doing God’s will and from working with Him to bring about His purposes, plans and character in our lives.

 As Believers, whenever we encounter an issue or situation that affects us in an adverse or unpleasant manner, it is good to habitually evaluate whatever we face from a Kingdom perspective and ask ourselves, Does it really matter? 

 Does it really matter in matter light of God’s Word, His will, His purposes and His plan?

 Upon evaluation, if it does matter, seek the Lord for wisdom and guidance about what action, if any, He desires for you to take.

 If it does not matter, with the help of the Holy Spirit, make the needed internal and external adjustments and just let it go.

Saints, let’s be on guard and not get caught in the enemy’s trap of majoring in the minors.