Important Life Lessons from Aunt Lottie

My grand-aunt, Aunt Lottie was a unique and special person who enriched the lives of many. 

She was a loving, giving, straight-talking, humorous, industrious, personable, and caring person who loved the Lord and was always ready to serve.  I have many, many fond and cherished memories of Aunt Lottie, but the one thing that stands out about her was the practical wisdom that often came from her lips and that she demonstrated in her life. 

A few important life lessons that I learned from her were:-

 Never be afraid to give – you can never out give God.

 Don’t take life too seriously – Laugh at circumstances, laugh at yourself.

 Learn to make do with what you’ve got.

 Don’t get caught up in other people’s success to the neglect of your own.

 It doesn’t matter how you cook once the food tastes good.

 Never be afraid to speak your mind.

Let children be children.

You don’t have to get married or have children to live a fulfilling life.

You control cleaning – do not let cleaning control you.

When married set limits on the amount of time you are out and go home to your husband.

Don’t get into a husband and wife’s business because when those two heads hit the pillow, that’s a different story.

Always be concerned about the spiritual state of others.

Make it a priority to regularly go to church, read your Bible and pray.

The most important thing in life is to personally accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

I truly thank God for ordaining a place in time where Aunt Lottie’s life connected with mine….. and now with yours.

Be blessed!