Today if you are in a trying situation and have done all that you know to do without seeing the desired results, there is a word for you, “Let go and let God”.

Notice that there are two instructions given in this popular age-old advice, the first being “Let go” and the second “Let God”.

Notice also that these instructions are joined by the word “and”, indicating that the actions are not to be separated.

Often times we do not experience the grace, peace and eventual breakthrough that this obeying this word of wisdom can bring because we do not correctly heed what it says. 

 We skip over the “Let go” and want to head straight to the “Let God”

 Instead of acting on God’s definition of “Let go”, which means “Let go”, we like Abraham in Genesis 12, “let go” and carry Lot.

We “let go” and carry resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, worry, anger, the desire for revenge, ill will, etc. in our hearts, all the while still expecting God to lead us on into our “promised land”.  

We conveniently skip over the “Let go” and try to slide on into the “Let God”

We  hold on to thoughts, emotions words and/or actions that we know are against His will and that He is requiring us to release, and we somehow deceptively convince ourselves that we are positioned for Him to move on our behalf.

In Genesis 13, we see that it became necessary for Abraham to separate from Lot in order to move forward into possessing the Promised Land and likewise it is for us. 

When we are in a trying situation and have done all that we know to do without seeing the desired results, in order to move forward and possess our promised land, we need to:

“Let go”, i.e., we need to turn the matter and everything related to it over to our Father, to loose everything to Him.


 “Let God”, i.e., allow Him, in His infinite wisdom and power to move in our situations and enable us to possess our “promised land” in His way and in His time.

Today, whatever your trying situation, be encouraged to “Let go and Let God”.