Sometime back, I wrote and emailed the first draft of the following poem to a few Believers who attend various “denominations” in the Body of Christ, but did not let them know that I wrote it; I got some interesting feedback.

Persons phoned or emailed me saying that they could really identify with what was said; a pastor even printed the poem and posted it on the notice board in the foyer at the house of worship where he served – that was a very bold step for him to take considering its contents.

Although written in the first person, the poem not only contains some of my sentiments, but embodies a synopsis of experiences and sentiments expressed to me over the years by fellow Believers who love the Lord, believe that there has to be a lot more to “church” than what we have been seeing and experiencing, and who truly desire to see God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on the earth.

So why am I posting this poem today?

I am posting it to let other Believers who feel similar discontent know that they are not alone; there are many others worldwide who are experiencing a similar thing.

I am posting it as a voice for the many Believers who feel the same way, but for whatever reasons have not, or can not tell persons in their lives who need to know.

I am posting it to raise the awareness of the Body of Christ at large that there is a deeper place that God desires us to be both individually and corporately as the church; a place that lines up more with His Word and His Kingdom purposes.

I am posting it as a catalyst for prayer, revelation, repentance and God-inspired change wherever and however He desires.


Can I Be Honest?

If I were honest, could you take it?

Or would you subtly try to shake it?


Well watch out, here goes,

This may be some unlikely prose.


I’m tired, yeah, tired;

Saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost and tired.


Tired of what? You ask.


Do you really want to go there?

Okay, but you’d better beware.


I’m tired of the form and fashion;


I’m tired of the hype without the power;


I’m tired of the bless me, me, me, me, me vibe;


I’m tired of the four steps to over the edge of the cliff, oops, I mean victory…………why do we keep trying to put God into a formula or a box, or think we can second guess His every move?


I’m tired of the same old 4 fast songs + 4 slow songs + 3 hallelujahs in between = praise and worship?


I’m tired of the titles without the authority;


I’m tired of the Nicolaitan spirit suppressing the royal priesthood;


I’m tired of the endless, empty, clanging of “Christianese”…………What’s up with that anyhow?


I’m tired of the pressure to fit into someone’s concept of who I am…………whatever happened to allowing people to be the unique creation who Christ created them to be?


I’m tired of being invited to walk into a season that seems to evade me with each step I take;


I’m tired of the “required” “churchy clothes”, “churchy hairdo’s” and the “churchy attitude”;


I’m tired of the cookouts, bake sales, banquets, car washes………whatever happened to tithing and giving, does God’s way not work anymore?

Have we become so selfish that we can no longer give without immediately receiving in return?


I’m tired of the entertainment, the spectatorship, the gotta be a star in “church” because I can’t be one in the world syndrome;


I’m tired of effectively hearing the Word, but not effectively doing the Word;


I’m tired of being expected to look the part, act the part, be the part……….by the way, what’s the part?


I’m tired of going to church instead of being the church;


I’m tired of the empty hugs, the empty greetings, the empty smiles, the lack of genuine love;


I’m tired of the “our ministry is doing this”, “our ministry is doing that”, “well I heard the ministry down the road is doing”………toot, toot, blow, blow, brag, brag……..ouch my head hurts!!

Are the people being saved, healed, delivered, equipped with the Word, and helped to discover and walk in their God-ordained Kingdom purpose and thereby impact the earth as God desires?


I’m tired of the debate about the carpet……….does it ever dawn on you that we are more interested in worshipping God in spirit and truth so we don’t care what color the carpet is, or even if there is carpet?


I’m tired of the “he took my members and left the church” story……..How can a pastor say that someone took their members when they do not belong to the pastor in the first place?

Was it not Jesus who died on the cross and shed His own blood to purchase us as members of His body and as His own possession? Are we not identified in the Word as members of the Body of Christ and He the head?

And since there is only one church, how can a Believer leave the church unless he/she renounces his/her faith in Christ?…….hhmm???


Wrongfully or rightfully, I’m just tired.


Complaining? – No.


A lone voice? – No.


Being honest and saying what many other Believers are afraid to say because of the risk of being misunderstood, criticized, hated or even ostracized – Yes.


I believe I speak for thousands of others of like spirit scattered across the globe eagerly anticipating a change,

For Lord we simply want to love, relate to, be empowered by, worship and serve you together, in light of Your Word and Your Kingdom purposes.


Now honestly, is that asking too much?




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