God’s Wisdom Can Help You At Work

 “To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.”

(Job 12:13 – NIV)

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”

(Psalms 147:5 – NIV)

Sometimes when confronted with complex situations in the workplace, we tend to forget that God, our Father, is the God of all wisdom and He is more than willing to impart this wisdom to us no matter the circumstance.

According to 1 Timothy 1:17, He is the only wise God and according to James 1:5, if we lack wisdom, we should ask Him for it and He will be more than willing to give it to us once we ask in faith not doubting that He can and will answer us.

As Kingdom Ambassadors in the workplace, we need to realize that no matter  the situation, circumstance, problem, or challenge that we face, God is well able to give us whatever wisdom we need for maximization or resolution. All we need to do is ask Him in faith believing that He will give it to us and we will receive it.

The enemy, the deceiver, the chief liar, our accuser, wants us to believe that God is not interested in anything what we face at work and that He is too archaic, ancient and out of touch to resolve the complex problems of the 21st century workplace.

If we even think about praying to God about a work issue, the enemy will tell us things like:

“Pray? Don’t be silly. What does God know about anything to do with your work?

What does He know about a computer program, about how to write this letter or memo, about the sales approach needed to win over this client, about which combination of chemicals will clean this stain, about how to put together this training program, about what to include in this presentation for the board meeting, about what to buy your secretary for Christmas?”

When the enemy assaults our minds with thoughts and questions that seek to undermine our belief in the relevance of God’s wisdom to our workplace issues, we need to hold fast to the truth  that God is the only wise God and that because He is omniscient and knows  everything, He can give us wisdom for whatever we face at work.

In June of 1993, I took a position as a Human Resources Manager in a major insurance company with a mandate to establish a Human Resources Department. Now on the surface this sounds like a tremendous opportunity, and indeed it was, but there was something drastically wrong with this picture

At the time, the only thing that I knew about Human Resources Management was that it generally entailed overseeing and governing the wellbeing of a company’s employees and how to spell it. I did not have a clue as to how to set up a Human Resources Department nor did I know the intricacies of what the function entailed.

To make matters worse, I had a spanking brand new computer and did not even know how to turn it on, much less how to use it; up to that point in my life it had not been necessary that I learn how to use a computer and I had not taken the initiative do so on my own; that was not so smart. And, to top it all off, upon entering the company, I soon realized that there were many grand expectations of me because not only was I entering it in the wake of the passing of my father who was the president and an owner at the time of his demise, but also as the company’s first Human Resources Manager and first employee with a graduate level university degree. Looking at all these factors, now you can see why the picture was not as pretty as it first appeared.

So, what did I do? I ran (flew is more like it) to the One who understands and knows everything!

I needed the wisdom of God to know how to proceed with this seemingly mammoth task so I sought Him continuously relative to the computer, the department and my function. I asked Him what to do, what to read, who to talk to, what to say, who to meet with, what to write, when to write, how to write, where to find information and resources; I literally sought Him in regard to everything. He was like an ever-present coach, working side-by-side with me, showing me how to accomplish each task.

Out of sheer necessity my prayer life increased exponentially. As a matter of fact, at times I was so desperate that I conversed verbally with Him, oblivious to who might be watching me. Years later one of the department heads told me that she really thought I was either crazy or having a nervous breakdown as a result of my father’s death because most times she glanced into my office I would be talking to myself. I laughed and quickly assured her that I was not talking to myself, but to God – needless to say she was quite relieved!

Over the years I can remember having to write letters, memos, reports, and minutes and looking to the Lord for wisdom and guidance as to which words I should use to most accurately and efficiently convey what needed to be said, and receiving compliments for the finished products. I can remember seeking His wisdom during management and executive meetings when questions or comments were unexpectedly shot my way, or situations were tabled for immediate response and He came through for me every time. I can even remember persons asking me to assist them with various computer functions and with His help, I was actually able to do it – God is so good!

The end result of seeking and applying God’s wisdom in my workplace situation was an effective Human Resources Department built from the ground up – praise His Name! As a matter of fact, the department ran so well that eight years later, another major insurance company requested that I come on board to help take their Human Resources Department to another level. Can you imagine that? God is so awesome!

God took me from knowing practically nothing about my workplace function to being effective enough to be sought out to help another major company – What a testimony of His wisdom, grace and awesome power manifested in the workplace! Hallelujah! – to Him be all the praise, honor and glory!

A few years ago I ran into a former co-worker of mine who excitedly told me that he had just launched a catering business and that the final determining factor that spurred him to take his leap of faith was when he remembered how God had helped me with HR. He said that he told himself, “If God could do it for Kim, God can do it for me!” Praise the Lord for the  infectiousness of faith!  

I posted this testimony as a word of encouragement to Kingdom Ambassadors who are facing challenging situations at work and as an example of how God is able to help Believers in the workplace; His wisdom and His power are boundless and limitless.

Listen, no matter how complex or difficult a position you may presently find yourself in at your work, please know that God, our Father, our King is more than able to supply all the wisdom you need to help you deal effectively with your situation. By faith ask God for it, then do whatever He says and watch your situation be turned around in His way, His time to His honor and glory.   

Be encouraged!