A Word For Those Who are Trying to “Make it Happen”

If you are a Believer/Kingdom Ambassador with a God-given vision for some area of your life who is trying to “make it happen”, but not getting the results that you desire, I believe that the Lord impressed this word upon my heart for you. 

There is a process and timing to everything and you can not force or manipulate things to happen in your way and your time; you must learn to wait on Me. It is My job to bring manifestation and change. To everything there is a time, season and purpose; flow with my timing. Stop trying to force things to happen. This is burdensome living. It is tiring you trying to manipulate My timing. Don’t force, flow. Go with My flow. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Your job is to obey and honor me in whatever you do. My job is to bring forth manifestation. Allow yourself to grow. Allow others connected to the vision to grow. Allow my processing to occur. Allow me to bring forth fruit in the proper season.

You are creating much tension in your life by trying to “make it happen”. Trust in My timing. Know that I am at work and I don’t need you to manipulate the process. My timing is perfect, My processing is perfect, I am perfect, trust Me. A lot of stress that you are experiencing is a result of you trying to make things happen outside of My timing and outside of what the authority figures I have placed in your life are embracing and allowing. Release the spirit of forcefulness, control and manipulation and embrace My timing and the readiness of the authority figures I have placed in your life.

Having vision in your situation does not authorize you to move in a spirit of domination, manipulation and control. I the Lord am the change agent. When change and movement toward goals and visions is not forthcoming in your time, pace and way, it does not authorize you to curse, degrade, put down, criticize or condemn those who are not moving or changing in your time and your way. This is wrong, sinful, and a manifestation of thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to think. It is generated from a position of pride in your heart based on your belief that that you think better, know better, and are better. This is sinful and wrong.

The key is to discern, accept and flow in My timing and to obey all that I ask of you. No amount of fasting, prayer, tears, sowing, or pleading will move My hand before My set time. I the Sovereign One am working on My timetable causing all things to work together for good, for those who love Me and are the called according to My purposes. The bottom line is I am God and you are not. Accept this, rest in this, trust Me and live.

Be encouraged!


 “TO EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time for every  matter or purpose under heaven:”

– Ecclesiastes 3:1 –