Distraction – “The act of distracting or the state of being distracted; especially mental confusion” (

Distract – “To cause to turn away from the original focus of attention or interest; divert.” (

Do you have a God-birthed, dream, plan, or assignment that you intend to pursue this year?

Is there a particular path that God has told you to follow or a particular project He has told you to complete?

If your answer is “yes”, then you can rest assured that as you set out to do what He has placed on your heart to achieve, you will come face-to-face with the deadly “D”, DISTRACTION.

At some point, someone or something will confront you and ask or try to persuade you to take some action or make some commitment that if agreed to will shift your focus and energies away from where God has told you to channel them and therefore hinder you from achieving what He has set before you to do.

Here is an important key to help you in dealing with DISTRACTION – Do not wait until DISTRACTION arises to decide how you will deal with it.

Do not wait until DISTRACTION arises to decide how you will deal with it otherwise you may find yourself making decisions that leave you in an unwanted predicament and under unnecessary pressure.

Instead, decide now to set personal boundaries.

Decide now to guard and protect the time, energies, and resources that you know you will need to complete what God has placed in your heart to do.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, commit now to in as much as possible reject any request or obligation that arises that will significantly hinder you from achieving your God-birthed dream, plan, or assignment for 2011. This is extremely important if you want to end the year with success and not regret.

Jesus himself had to set firm personal boundaries to achieve His God-given assignment, even with those closest to Him.

When He told His disciples the details of his impending suffering and death at Jerusalem (Matthew 16:21), Peter took Him aside and spoke against His God-given assignment – DISTRACTION.

Jesus’ response to Peter was, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.” (Matthew 16:23 – NIV, 1984) Not only did He not take the bait of DISTRACTION, He dealt directly with the source of the DISTRACTION, satan himself.

Now I am not advocating that you say “Get behind me, satan” every time someone or something approaches you with some form of DISTRACTION, although it may be necessary to do so in some instances.

I just want to sensitize you to the fact that the enemy will use anyone and/or anything to try to divert you from God’s chosen path for you – friends, family, children, spouses, co-workers, neighbors, fellow believers, old vices, “good things”, “worthy causes”, “emergencies”, do you get the picture?

He will use whoever and whatever he can to cause you to change course so that at the end of the year you find yourself in a place neither you nor God intended you to occupy.

Life is life, so of course there will be situations that come up that will require your involvement, but even so, don’t just impulsively leap forward, but instead, use discernment and allow the Lord to order your steps.

My fellow Ambassadors, as you pursue the dreams, plans and assignments that God has set before you for 2011, beware of the deadly “D”, beware of DISTRACTION.

Ask the Lord to help you stay focused on what He has commissioned you to do, especially during times when the task at hand does not seem as exciting as at the beginning, or when faced with challenging or undesirable aspects of it.

As you forge ahead, may He grant you the ability to immediately recognize any form of DISTRACTION that arises and may He give you the strength to resist and not succumb to it.

Be encouraged!


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