Will you?

This is a word to Prophets in the Kingdom who are suffering under the weight of potential rejection if they do not meet certain expectations being placed on them by certain persons in the Body of Christ.

You are in situations where what people expect of you does not resonate in your spirit.

You have absolutely no inner confirmation or inner peace when you even think about trying to meet these expectations.

There is intense inner turmoil because on one hand you do not want to disappoint these persons, yet on the other hand you know deep within your spirit that it is not the Lord’s will for you to meet their expectations.

This situation has become heavy and you have cried out to the Lord asking Him what to do.

The following is a word for you:-

Highly favored Kingdom Ambassador, whoever God has called you to be, be.

Let no one but Him define that for you.

Whatever He has placed in your heart to do, do.

Let no one but Him determine your assignments.

Wherever He tells you to go, go.

Let no one but Him direct your path.

Whatever He says to say, say.

Let no one but Him put words in your mouth.

He has called, prepared and ordained you as a Prophet and endued you with His power and authority to function in that office.

Do not get distracted by whether or not others accept, receive, recognize or affirm your place in the spirit because it does not matter.

What matters is that your Creator, Redeemer and Lord accepts, receives, recognizes and affirms your place in the spirit because He established it and sustains it and placed you there.

Do not get entangled in any expectations that others place on you but are not confirmed in your heart by the Holy Spirit, and do not be surprised when others reject you for not meeting these expectations.

Remember, rejection marks the life of a prophet so when you are rejected, mentally reframe the situation and instead of seeing it negatively or taking offense, see it as a confirmation that you are indeed a prophet.

See it as a re-affirmation of who God says you are and let what was meant to harm you, cause you pain and to ultimately shut your mouth instead energize you, and excite you, and cause a stream of praise and thanksgiving to flow from your lips.

Be careful to never let rejection fester in your heart and create a root of bitterness; to never let it sit there and quietly drain away your zeal and energy and fill you with doubt and torment…….that is the plan of the enemy.

Recognize and accept that your place of ministry is wherever God says it is and with whomever God says it is.

Recognize and accept that at times it is within the four walls, at times without.

Wherever the place, as you walk in His will, there shall the manifestation of the anointing be.

There shall what God has placed in you flow out of you with might, power, and authority, building the Body, advancing the Kingdom and producing fruit that remain all to His honor and glory.

There is a distinct and unique path that our Father has crafted for you.

Others may not understand it or agree with it but that is okay.

Embrace it.

Walk in it.

Hesitate no longer because He is waiting for you and will reward your obedience to Him.

Be encouraged!


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  1. Thanks. I will forward this word to a brother in the Lord, for he was addressing these sames issues about his own calling lately. I, too, receive it for myself.

  2. Hi Patti…….thanks for visiting “Unwalled”; I am grateful that this word ministered to your life and I pray that it will minister to the brother also……God bless you and be encouraged to keep running the race that He has set before you……..Shalom, Kim

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