I Dare You!


Have you ever been dared? 

As a child, teenager, or young adult, have you ever done something simply because someone said, “I dare You”?

I know I have.

There is something about a dare that can ignite a fearless determination in a person to boldly carry out all sorts of proposed challenges in spite of the consequences; it is almost as if there is a built-in source of power in a dare that spurs the person into action, discarding all doubt, fear, timidity or apprehension……………A dare is a powerful thing!

Although the concept of daring someone to do something is often used in a negative way, hence the term “daredevil”, which is a person who is recklessly bold, it can also be used in a positive way to motivate persons to beneficial, edifying action.

Having said this, I am now going to take on the role of the one who dares.

I am going to dare you to do some things with the goal of stirring up unhindered courage to act in you.

I don’t take on this role in jest, but I do so because I believe that the Holy Spirit has prompted you to do some things that if obeyed will deepen your spiritual walk with the Lord and produce some needed breakthroughs in your life, yet you continually resist His instructions and it is causing you to experience a degree of spiritual stagnation.

One of the definitions of dare is, “to challenge someone to be courageous enough to do something”.

With this in mind, as you read these dares, I challenge you to become courageous enough to do whatever the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart to do,

Are you ready?……………..Here goes!

I dare you to stop focusing on whatever you don’t have and start thanking God for what you do have.

I dare you to prioritize regular time alone with God, meditating on His Word and communing with Him.

I dare you to make it a habit of praying, “Father above all that I have asked, let your will be done”, truly believing that He will bring to pass what is best in each matter you present to Him.

I dare you to obey the Lord re: your finances and give as He directs you to give.

I dare you to release that wayward spouse, sibling or child to the Lord and let Him do whatever is necessary to bring about the needed change in his/her life.

I dare you to trust God’s love, wisdom, and timing with His purposes and plans for your life instead of stressing yourself out trying to make things happen in your way and your time.

I dare you to honor the marriage covenant you made before the Lord and not have that extra-marital affair you are considering..

I dare you to do that thing that you know is necessary to improve your relationship with your spouse and/or children.

I dare you to stop being more concerned about what others think than you are about what God thinks – to purpose to be a God-pleaser and not a man-pleaser.

I dare you to bless your enemies and to pray for the person(s) who despitefully use you.

I dare you to do whatever it takes to feed your spirit man and starve your fleshly nature.

I dare you to practice walking in integrity, to express a “yes” on the outside only if there is a “yes” on the inside, and to express a “no” on the outside only if there is a “no” on the inside.

I dare you to sincerely ask God to set you free from that pleasurable “secret” sin that binds you keeps you from fully committing your life to Him and walking in your Kingdom purpose.

I dare you to honor your father and your mother in spite of their wrongdoing, failures and shortcomings.

I dare you to forgive that person who hurt you, so, so deeply, and thereby set yourself free to experience the needed healing in your life.

I dare you to take God at His Word concerning every area of your life, to adopt a “God said it, I believe it, that settles it” attitude always.

If any of the above bears witness with your spirit because they involve matters that God has spoken to you about, I dare you to act on them.

Or, if any of the above has brought to mind an issue not specifically stated, but that you know God has spoken to you about, I dare you to act on that.

You may think “Wait a minute, this is asking too much! The cost is too great! Do you know what taking some of these steps would mean?”

You do have a point, however a more important question is, “Do you know what not taking some of these steps would mean?”

The truth of the matter is that no matter how great the perceived cost of doing what the Lord asks of us, it is far less expensive than not doing what the Lord asks of us……..Selah!

Philippians 4:13 reminds us that as Believers/Kingdom Citizens, we can do all  things through Christ who strengthens us, and contrary to what some may believe, this also includes the things that we are not comfortable doing……hhhhhhhmmm!

So today, I dare you to take up the challenge placed before you; I dare you to be obedient and experience a new level in Christ and in your life………you won’t regret it!

Be encouraged!


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