Three Prophetic Words ~ Is One for You?


The following words came into my spirit and I am instructed to share them.

What is for you, take in…….what isn’t, discard.

Be encouraged…… edified…….be inspired.



Message 1

There is a place I desire to take you in Me.

This place requires your yieldedness. This place requires the shutting out of voices. This place requires stillness from the turmoil of others. This place is a place I have prepared for you from before the foundation of the world was laid.

Will you come and do what is necessary to enter that place?

Will you cut off what needs to be cut of to enter that place? Will you die to self to the degree that I need you to die to enter that place?

Let Me give you a glimpse of that place.

It is a place of peace, power, and prosperity in the spirit realm. It is a place of rulership and authority and manifested power. It is a place of lasting impact and impenetrability by the enemy. It is your secret place in Me.

Will you do what is necessary to abide there?



Message 2

Be still and know that I am God.

You are not God.

You can not change anyone.

Apart from Me, you can not even change yourself.

Step away from the change process. Step away from trying to make people be who you think they should be. Step away from trying to make your family members conform to who you think they should be in Me.

This is my work, not yours. Step away for it is a fruitless waste of energy, a source of draining to your spirit.

Step away and let Me do My work in them for I have begun a good work in them and will be faithful to complete it against the day of My return.

Step away My child. I am the change agent, not you.

Step away.



Message 3

It is time to stop looking at your inabilities and look at your ability in Me.

Stop looking at your weaknesses and look at your strengths in Me.

Stop saying that you can’t and say that you can in Me.

Stop worying about blockages and know that they are removed in Me.

Stop looking at yourself and look at Me. It is not you, it is Me. All that you are not is in Me. All that you are not I AM so you are complete in Me.

It is time to switch your focus from yourself, from your circumstances, from your limitations to Me.

In all areas of your life, look unto Me. I am the author and finisher of your faith.

When you make a resolution to look unto Me, and not unto another or even unto yourself, there you will find the very things that you desire for all is in Me.



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