(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Romans 8:14; Luke 14:26)




This is the last part of  the post I wrote in April of 2010 about finding the right balance.

Be blessed!


In each time and season of our lives, we need to seek God’s direction as to where we should be, when we should be there and what we should be doing, and upon receiving this information to, by God’s grace, make it a priority to act on it.

Such spirit-directed life adjustments will enable us to come to our place of right balance.

Jesus prioritized his whereabouts and tasks according to the timing and will of His Father.  He found His place of right balance by listening to and obeying His Father at all times, in all places and in all things; He never tried to be a people pleaser, nor did He prioritize pleasing Himself.  

Like Jesus, our ultimate priority in life should also be to do the will of our heavenly Father as revealed by the Holy Spirit at all times, in all places, and in all things, no matter how “big” or “small” and then we too will experience our right balance.

Please be warned though, that embarking on such a lifestyle is not without a price. As you seek to emulate Christ’s example of obedience, turbulence from others will come. 

It may come in the form of opposition, rejection, criticism, expressed anger, expressed hurt, expressed disappointment, being despised, being accused of insensitivity or of “changing”, being the object of gossip and slander, even death, – whatever the form, you can rest assured that turbulence will come.

It came for Jesus as a result of His lifestyle of obedience to our Father, and if we follow His example, it will come for us too.

Some of the turbulence that Jesus experienced as a result of His obedience to our Father’s will was that He was despised, rejected, the brunt of anger, the object of controversy, viewed as a trouble-maker, the religious order of the day was totally against Him and plotted to kill Him, He was called a wine-bibber, accused of being demon possessed, looked down upon for being with those considered “nobodies”, He was mocked, ridiculed, scorned, spit upon and eventually crucified.

Like it did with Jesus, when you make a decision to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing as determined by God, at some point, turbulence from others will arise.

It will arise because in making this choice, no matter how noble your intentions and righteous your actions in the eyes of the Lord, it is inevitable that some people, whether, family, friends, fellow Believers, associates, co-workers, neighbors, or whomever, will experience or interpret them negatively, and not hesitate to communicate this to you in some way, especially if you are not able to meet or accommodate their expectations, desires, requests, demands or needs.

When this happens, remember that it is all a part of the price of being Spirit led, it is all a part of the price of being a mature son of God, it is all a part of taking up your cross and following after Christ so do not be discouraged.

Know ahead of time that when you embark on this lifestyle, not everyone will accept your decisions and not everyone will like or understand you, especially those who have no experience in living life in this way, and that it’s okay. 

Like Jesus, we need to have a mind to endure any turbulence from others that may arise and with the help of the Holy Spirit to not be angered, offended, or distracted by it, for when we view experiencing such turbulence from a Kingdom perspective, it truly is a “small” price to pay considering the resulting benefits of our obedience in this life and in eternity. 

As Kingdom Citizens/Believers in Christ, a key to finding the right balance in our lives is being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing as determined by God.

It’s a God thing. It’s all about Him. It’s all about His will being done in each time, season and situation of our lives, not our will and not anyone else’s.

Today if you find yourself in a place of imbalance, why not pray and ask the Lord to enlighten you about your state and then make a decision to do whatever He says is necessary to achieve what He defines as the right balance for you.

Remember however, this not a one shot deal. It is a lifestyle and a life-long process and among other things, it will take commitment, effort, determination, “stick ability”, knowing the Word, dying to self, dying to being a “people pleaser”, a whole lot of prayer, a whole lot of help from the Holy Spirit, and maybe some Kleenex (smile!).

This may sound like a lot, but the good news is that based on Jesus’ life, the results of such obedience and balance will be worth it both in this life and the next.

Be encouraged!



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