This morning when I woke up and looked outside I was greeted by drizzling rain and a blanket of grey clouds instead of golden sunshine and clear blue skies.

Apart from the daylight, there was absolutely no sign that the sun even existed; not a clue.

However, just because I could not see the sun did not mean that it was not there…….Selah!

If I really wanted to confirm that fact, all I had to do was board an airplane and take a flight.

After take off, with incredible thrust the airplane would pierce through the clouds and in moments, the same golden sunshine and clear blue skies that I could not see while on the ground would be visible. 

How is the weather in your life?

Are you experiencing cloudy grey skies?…….cloudy grey skies of unpaid bills, mounting debt, unemployment, a failed business, sickness, marital problems, wayward kids, job stress, apathy, depression or suicidal thoughts?

Is the sky of your life overcast with so many problems, issues and challenges that you can’t see the Son?

Are you in a state where other than the written Word, from your view, there is absolutely no sign that the Son exists; not a clue?

Well, take heart, because just how the sun is still there on a rainy, cloudy day even though you can’t see it, the Son is still there in the midst of your rainy, cloudy circumstances even though you can’t see Him…..Selah!

If you believe this, position yourself on the runway of prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to propel you through the clouds of your circumstances until by faith you see the Son, because remember, He is there.

Note that once an airplane penetrates the clouds and enters the realm of golden sunshine and clear blue skies, it does not stop ascending, but continues to do so until it reaches the cruising altitude.

As you ascend in prayer, after penetrating the clouds of your circumstances and entering the presence of the Son don’t stop there, continue to ascend until you reach your “cruising altitude”.

What is your “cruising altitude”?

It is that high place of faith where you truly grasp the fact that God is bigger than your circumstances and know in the depths of your spirit that no matter what happens, the victory is yours in Christ Jesus and you rest in this truth. 

Ascending to “cruising altitude” and remaining there is important because this will enable you to fly above the clouds of your circumstances and experience minimal turbulence in your spirit until the weather in your life changes. 

Be aware that just how an airplane needs to keep fighting gravity and exerting power to remain at its cruising altitude above the clouds, you will have to keep fighting doubt and exerting faith to remain at your “cruising altitude” above the clouds of your circumstances.

The good news though is that unlike an airplane that runs on fuel that can run out and cause it to stop flying, you have the power of the Holy Spirit available to help you fly above your circumstances and His fuel tank is inexhaustible….praise the Lord!

Be encouraged by the lyrics of  Yolanda Adam’s “Yet Still I Rise”.



And one last thing, remember that according to Ecclesiastes 3:1, to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens so be encouraged in that God will change the weather forecast in your life at the appointed time; the grey clouds and rain won’t last forever.



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  1. Thinking God could be changed by our circumstances is like thinking the sun can be changed by clouds.
    Great encouragement, as always. Thank you, Kim.

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