The Masterpiece

This inspiring post, “The Masterpiece” was written by Andrea Ogunba and posted on her blog “Spicey Morsels”. I hope it blesses you today. Kim

Spicey morsels

He sat down and smiled. Beautiful; the answer had finally come…. This was what everyone had been waiting for… Wow…

He looked so happy, so pleased… everyone around knew this was big as they sat back in wonder and looked at the form in the Father’s hands…

Carried away by the beauty of the moment, Angel Gabriel and Matthew whispered to themselves, “He is so happy, there must be something so special about this one…”

But they knew, they had seen that look on the Father’s face before… they knew this was a big deal…

And then they gasped, tears were coming down his face, like a Father when his 3 year old girl sings her first Christmas Carol for the whole school, the tears flowed freely as his face glowed…

He looked up and said to no one in particular, “… they’ve been waiting for this baby… there’s so…

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