“Unwalled” is Now an Award Free Blog



No Awards Please


While I am truly humbled and honored that persons have considered me worthy of blog award nominations, due to insufficient time to meet the requirements to receive these awards and to do so with integrity, I have decided to make “Unwalled” an award free blog from hereon and as such will graciously decline any future nominations.

I want to give a special shout out and thank you again to David Stewart author of “Green-Walled Tower”, http://www.greenwalledtower.wordpress.com from whom I received my first blog award, the “Liebster Award” and to Joseyphina Amoako author of “Joseyphina’s World”, http://www.joseyphina.wordpress.com from whom I received my second blog award, “The Shine On Award”.

I also want to thank Josephina again for later nominating me for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award”,  “Best Moment Award”, “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”, and “The WordPress Family Award” even though I had to graciously decline receiving the same.

Additionally, I want to give a big shout out and thank you again to Tanya M. author of “The Typical Tanya Blog”, http://www.typicaltanya.com who nominated me for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award”, Andrea Ogunba author of “Spicey Morsels”, http://www.spiceymorsels.wordpress.com who nominated me for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award”, Obiamaka Onyebum author of “The Blossoming”, http://www.obiamaka.wordpress.com who nominated me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” and Tamara Benson author of “Lessons By Heart”, http://www.lessonsbyheart.wordpress.com who nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award” for their kind gestures even though I was unable to accept these awards due to time constraints.

To all my followers, readers and fellow bloggers, thank you for your presence, encouragement and support; always know that it is greatly appreciated.

Moving forward, if desired, leaving a comment or a “like” to let me know that a post encouraged, edified or inspired you, providing a link back to “Unwalled” or spreading the word about it in some other way so others may be encouraged, edified or inspired also would be the best “award” I could ever receive and any such action on your part would be most appreciated in lieu of a blog award.

Thank you for your kind understanding and blessings to all!






  1. Congrats on the awards given. I thought an award would be a reward, not a responsibility. lol Anyway, just also wanted to say to you that, this is still going to be your Best Year Ever!!! R.A.D

    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 15:26:18 +0000 To: p_rickdean@hotmail.com

  2. Thanks Apostle!….in “blogging world” when you are nominated for an award you must meet certain requirements/rules in order to receive the award e.g., linking back to the person who nominated you, listing 5-12 things about yourself and nominating another 15 blogs that you feel deserve the award and commenting on those blogs to let them know you nominated them, etc. so you can see how the award is a reward but also a time-consuming responsibility…..:)….also thanks for the declaration that 2013 is still going to be my Best Year Ever!!!……I agree in Jesus’ Name…..:)

  3. Hi Julie……that’s a very high and humbling compliment….:)……thank you Woman of God!……blessings as always!…..Kim

  4. Good for you Kim. You are a breath of joyful fresh air… your humility is genuine and that is pleasing to our Father and Lord Jesus and an inspiration to me. Be blessed

  5. Thank you so much Stephanie……God is good….\o/…..you made my heart smile…:)…..Blessings to you too….:)

  6. I understand your decision; accepting awards, while an honour, can also be a distraction that takes up a lot of time. Nevertheless, I know that in heaven, your awards/rewards will be great. 🙂

  7. I like the way you handled this so graciously. I may soon follow your example. Awards, while appreciated, are very time consuming. I have four that I’m still working on, a bit here, a bit there. I like honoring others – some are truly touched by the gesture, and they do bring traffic to our sites, which is the object of writing…but the high cost of time, I don’t know that it’s a fair trade off.


  8. Hi David…thanks for understanding and thank you for the reminder that while earthly awards/rewards are appreciated, heavenly awards/rewards are really the most important…..:)

  9. Thanks Tamara, I’m so happy that God’s wisdom is available for every situation…..\o/……it’s true that awards bring traffic to our sites but all things considered, comparatively, I believe that praying for the Lord to send persons that He knows need to read our posts is a simpler and more effective way…:) I’m sure He will let you know what to do award-wise…:)…blessings to you.

  10. I’ll be thankful when I have a clear mind on the matter. I do it more for the ones I pass it on to, who are delighted to be singled out.

    Personally, I don’t feel the need for awards. God has exploded LBH. Just basic posting & replies keeps me busy. To my utter amazement, there are several who are atheists, New Age and even dark cults who follow and e-mail me with questions from time to time.I certainly don’t need the extra work involved.

    I have a feeling I will not be far behind you in this matter. Thanks for showing me the way out!

    (Says it all, doesn’t it? :))

  11. I so totally feel you my sister……:)….looks like I’ll see you on the other side when you come out….:)…blessings!

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