Things Are Different………What Happened?





Remember when you used to spend regular time with God.

Remember when you would set aside a part of each day to seek His face and be in His presence, even if in the wee hours of the morning.

Remember when you prayed to Him because you valued and enjoyed Him and not just because you needed something from Him.

Remember when He was more to you than a crisis manager, a need supplier, when you had more than a “pull me out of the closet when you need Me shove Me back in when you don’t” relationship with Him.

Things are different……What happened? 


Remember when you really saw God as a God who is holy and expected you to be holy and live your life as He declared and not just any way you please.

Remember when you had reverential respect for His Presence, His House, His Word and His people and never treated any of those things lightly or as common.

Remember when it mattered whether your actions and words brought reproach or glory to His Name so you were careful in your behavior and speech.

Remember when the thought of giving an account to Him for the deeds done in your life was once a sobering reality for you that influenced your decision-making.

Things are different…….What happened?


Remember when you read His Word because you wanted to get to know Him better, because you wanted to learn about Him and His Kingdom and did not see it as a chore.

Remember when you read His Word because you knew it was life and food to your spirit and without it you could not survive.

Remember when you esteemed His Word as the final authority on moral and ethical issues in your life and not the word of family, friends, government, society or even yourself.

Remember when instead of being uncomfortable, angry and offended, you eagerly welcomed the Truth of His Word and it’s ability to teach, correct, reprove, and instruct you in righteousness.

Things are different……What happened? 


Remember when you saw it as a privilege and not an obligation to get together with other saints and gather in His Name.

Remember when it was a joy to sing praises to Him and to worship Him freely in spirit and in truth no matter who was around.

Remember when you felt honored to tell others that you had a personal relationship with Him, that He was a part of your inner circle and not hide it with embarrassment and shame.

Remember when He mattered so much to you that you sought to make Him the hub, the central part of every area of your life.

Things are different……What happened?


Man of God.

Woman of God.

Child of God.

Things are different……What happened?


Song “I Miss My Time With You” by Larnelle Harris


“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.”

(Lamentations 3:40 – NIV)


He’s waiting for you to come back to that place in Him.

What are you going to do?






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Video “I Miss My Time With You” – by Larnelle Harris courtesy of John Paul


  1. This is wonderful! I have the tape for this song to sing it, just haven’t made time for it. Go figure. lol the words you wrote are all so applicable to the times when we step away. Thanks for the reminder of this song will make effort to share it in church.
    Blessings, Marsha

  2. Hi Marsha, I’m happy that this post was a blessing to you and that the Lord used it as a reminder to you to share the song in your church…..I think that means there are some persons who need to hear it so they can realign in their walk with the Lord like we all need to from time-to-time. Blessings to you also!…..Kim

  3. “Remember when…” “Things are different, what happened?” Perhaps we forgot to remember. God was big on us remembering. Maybe there was a good reason. 😉


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