Let’s Respect Marriage

I just visited my fellow blogger from Africa, Joseyphina’s site (www.joseypina.wordpress.com) and she had a great post entitled “Let’s Respect Marriage” that I am re-blogging with her invitation and permission.

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Joseyphina's World

Oh the beginning of life together-marriage; all the ecstasy! Oh wait, is it really about the life together till death do them part or is it the all about the adrenaline rush because of the wedding-the flowers, the rings, the huge cake!

What happened between the moments when the couple’s eyes glistened with love as they recited their vows and before all people pledged to live as one and when they get so mad at each other that they decide to revoke their commitment? And most sadly, innocent kids get to pay the price for things going sour between the parents.

Marriage as a sacred institution ordained by God, to prove to the world that what God has really put together must by no means, be torn apart is also meant to bring forth offspring who will live in stable, safe and loving homes so they do not go astray.

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  1. Yes, I think it’s a really good post for those who are married and those who are thinking about getting married……I like the song too…it’s the first time I heard it…..I’m happy that Joseyphina shared it……:)

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