2013 is almost gone and I’m sure each of us can look back over the year and recall some things that manifested in our lives that resulted in joy, happiness, peace, ease, healing, relief, fulfillment, advancement and breakthroughs, and that we readily praise and thank God for.

By the same token, I’m sure that each of us can also look back over the year and recall some things that manifested in our lives that resulted in unhappiness, disappointment, unfulfillment, feelings of failure, depression, grief, sleeplessness, apathy, hurt, hardship, confusion, anger, loss, tears, pressure, pain, in other words, some tough stuff.

Tough stuff relative to our work, marriage, children, parents, family, health, finances, business, friendships, relationships, school, community, church, or some other area of our lives……tough stuff that resulted in stress in our bodies, that messed with our minds, that flipped our emotions, and that challenged our faith.

As 2014 fast approaches, and is even nigh at the door, what are you going to do with the tough stuff that manifested in your life this year?

  • Are you going to pretend that it did not happen?
  • Are you going to act like it has had no effect on you?
  • Are you going to hang on to it and use it as an excuse for your behavior next year?

Your answer to this question is important because the year is winding down and it is not God’s will for you to drag weights, wounds, negative emotions, unforgiveness and a carnal perspective of your tests, trials and difficult situations from 2013 into 2014 because doing so will hinder your ability to embrace and effectively walk in the things He has planned for you.

What are you going to do with the tough stuff that manifested in your life this year?

Here is the word that God gave to the Believers at my place of worship yesterday and that He gives to you today.

He says in order to prepare and position yourself to effectively walk in the things He has planned for you in 2014, take all the tough stuff you encountered in 2013  and turn it into praise.


This is not about where you’ve been or where you are. It’s about where you are going; it’s about preparing and positioning yourself for 2014.

Come on.

Take up the challenge.

If Job could turn his tough stuff into praise, if he could take the loss of his children (7 sons and 3 daughters), servants and livestock (7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen and 500 female donkeys) all in one day and turn it into praise (Job 1:20-22), by God’s grace, you can turn your tough stuff into praise too.

Are you willing to accept the Lord’s challenge to turn the tough stuff that manifested in your life this year into praise?

If so, take some time and think about all the tough stuff, especially the stuff that still bothers you at some level.

Focus on it……mentally look that tough stuff square in the face.

Now begin to praise God in spite of it.

Lift up your voice in praise to God right in the face of the tough stuff you experienced….right in the face of that job stress, job loss, wayward child, unpaid bills, adulterous spouse, sickness, sexual abuse, failed business, unrealized dream, death.

Lift up your voice in praise to God right in the face of the tight, dark, painful, troubling, afflicting, lonely, desert places you found yourself in.

Lift up your voice in sincere praise to God right in the face of the mess, confusion, brokenness, disappointment, resentment, pain and loss.

Lift up your voice and say,  

“God You are good”

“You are faithful”

“You are powerful loving and kind”

“God I praise You for being with me in the tough stuff”

“God I praise You for the lessons I learned as a result of the tough stuff”

“I praise You for the things you revealed to me about Yourself”

“I praise You for the spiritual maturity I gained because of the tough stuff”

“I praise You for that sweet communion with You because of my extra time in prayer”

“I praise You for opening up your Word to me like never before”

“God I praise You for caring about me enough to raise up intercessors on my behalf”

“I praise You for imparting Your wisdom to me”

“I praise You for each tear I cried that helped to cleanse my soul” 

“I praise You for teaching me to wait on You and for producing patience in me”,

“I praise You for showing me that Your grace is sufficient for me”

“I praise You for working all things together for my good even when I could not see Your hand at work”

 “God I praise you for setting limits on my tough stuff just as you set limits on Job’s”

“God I praise You because in my times of weakness, You gave me Your strength”

“I praise You for Your mercy, grace and loving-kindness”

“Thank You for being my Healer, Provider, Sustainer, Protector, and my Peace”

”Thank You for being my Deliverer, my Avenger, my Way-Maker, the Lifter of my head”

“God You are good”

“You are mighty and awesome”

“You are my God and I bless and praise Your wonderful Name”

“God I Offer up this sacrifice of praise unto the You, the fruit of my lips giving thanks to You in spite of the tough stuff I went through in 2013.”


For those who did not take up the challenge, I urge you to consider doing so before the year ends.

God wants you prepared and positioned to move into 2014 unhindered, ready to effectively walk in the things He has planned for you.


Be encouraged!



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  1. Hi Kim, just want to say thank you for your loyalty to my blog this year and yhe past years as well. Really appreciate your reading, feedback and shares. Have a great new year !

  2. Hi Uncle Monte……thanks!….it was actually small excerpts from a message I ministered in church on Sunday morning..……praying that your 2014 will be a really good year for you …….:)

  3. Hi Joseyphina…..thank you for sharing your gift; it is always a pleasure to read what is laid on your heart when I can. May your gift be maximized even more next year…….have a healthy, happy, purpose-filled New Year!!

  4. Hi David….I am happy that my posts are still a blessing to you. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement….it is really appreciated……according to my WordPress Annual Report, guess who was my most frequent commenter in 2013………you…..:) I pray that you have a blessed 2014 too and that the Lord will give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourself in Him. All the best to you, and to your wife too……:), Shalom, Kim

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