This morning as I sat by the pond in our garden meditating on life in general, several random thoughts came to mind and I thought I’d share ten of them with you in this post.

1) Sometimes you must experience rejection so that you can become isolated enough to hear the voice of God.

2) While it may give temporary relief, filling a position with an available person as opposed to an appropriate person is often just another way of putting off today what will still need to be done tomorrow. 

3) Life paths may cross, merge, be synchronized, run parallel, or go in opposite directions. Whatever the case, never abandon your God ordained path to embark on someone elses.

4) Every good thing that arises is not a God thing. Unless God authorizes a change, it’s best to stick to the original plan He has given you.

5) The cost of living for Christ is rising rapidly.

6) Be careful who you allow to speak into your life. One word can change your life forever.

7) To discipline yourself and stay where God tells you to stay, no matter how long or unpleasant the circumstances is better than moving on your own volition without His permission just to escape discomfort or make things happen in your own strength and timing.

8) The words and images you choose to expose yourself to today can either become ammunition that God can use for you or ammunition that the enemy can use against you tomorrow. 

9) It’s better to stand for what you know to be right and have inner-peace than to compromise what you know to be right and have inner-turmoil.

10) As a Believer in Christ you have priceless treasure in your earthen vessel. Don’t let the opinions of the world cause you to devalue it.



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  1. Hey Pastor “J”…so happy to know that….I love the way God can speak to us through anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere and anyhow….He is awesome!!!!…..\o/

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