When we enter into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ it is not a stagnant one shot deal.

It is the beginning of a life long journey that incorporates an ever evolving transformational process of our becoming more like Him and fulfilling God’s divine purposes for our lives.

As we move ahead in this process, every now and again the Lord requires that we surrender some aspect of ourselves or our lives to Him in order for us to progress to another level.

At times this is easy.

At times it is hard.

At times it is very hard.

Are you at one of those junctions in your walk with the Lord where He is requiring that you surrender some aspect of yourself or your life to Him?

If so, what are you withholding?

What is it that you know the Lord is speaking to you about surrendering to Him?

Even as I ask this question, conviction is gripping you because you know He is speaking to you once again through this post and asking you to give it to Him, whatever your it may be.

Yes it feels badly to your flesh, yes you do not know what will happen, yes others may see you as a fool, yes some persons may get upset, angry and hurt, yes you may experience a loss, yes you may go through a difficult time, yes the thought of it terrifies you, but don’t just focus on these potential negative realities, consider also what will happen if you don’t surrender that person, place thing or situation, that it to the Lord.

What will that cost you relative to your walk and relationship with Him?

Are you willing to pay that price?

Are you willing to give up the good that the Lord has in store for you, the benefits He desires to release to you as a result of your obedience, as a result of you withholding nothing?

SELAH! – Pause and think about that.

Whether a relationship, friendship, spouse, child, family member, situation at work, business, plan, career, position, habit, attitude, desire, gift, talent, ability, time, money, material possession, whatever it is, today the Lord desires you to surrender it to Him withholding nothing.

Will you do it?

Will you take that step and surrender it to him withholding nothing?

As you decide, be blessed as William McDowell ministers in song, “Withholding Nothing”.


I pray that this is the day of decision for you.

If it is, know that after surrendering it, even if the path ahead is not smooth, if you look through the eyes of the Spirit, you will see and be able to glean many blessings and experience great spiritual transformation along the way, and that the end the Lord has purposed for you is good.

“Then Jesus said to the disciples, “If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For anyone who keeps his life for himself shall lose it; and anyone who loses his life for me shall find it again.”

(Matthew 16:24-25 – The Living Bible)

Be encouraged!


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“WITHHOLDING NOTHING” by William McDowell courtesy of JoashStillTheMan – http://www.youtube.com



  1. Well said Kim! Even after 30 something years of serving the Lord I am finding new things to surrender to the Lord. He did not require everything at once. The closer I get the more He calls for and the more blessings are released as I release the new things He calls me to.

  2. Hi Pastor “J”…thank you…..\o/…and thanks for sharing your experience…..I can really identify with what you said……God is so gracious, loving and wise.

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