This morning I was thinking of how daunting a task it would be for me to raise my children without God, His Word, His Holy Spirit, His angels, the Blood of Jesus, the Name of Jesus, Divine Grace, Faith, Wisdom and Prayer.

Considering the complexity and multitude of entanglements of today’s world, that would definitely stress me beyond capacity; I’d be a worry wart and a nervous wreck all wrapped up in one.

I am so grateful to God for all that He has made available to me spiritually to help me in this journey of motherhood and I am not ashamed to say I need it.

I am also grateful to Him for each person he has made available to help me in various ways with this journey of motherhood, especially my husband and mother…..thanks Jesse and Judy……:)

As Mother’s Day approaches tomorrow, mothers all over the world are looking forward to a great day, eagerly waiting with joyful anticipation to see what innovative demonstration of love and appreciation will come forth from their children, grandchildren, husbands, father(s) of their children and/or other significant people in their lives.

While this is the case for many mothers, it is not the case for all mothers.

I wrote the following post for Mother’s Day 2011 and thought I’d re-blog it for mothers, particularly mothers in the Body of Christ, who due to various circumstances see Mother’s Day and motherhood as a dilemma more so than a delight.

As you read, be sensitized, be encouraged, be blessed.



It’s Mother’s Day! Hooray!

What excitement! What fanfare! What fun!

Not always!

Don’t be deceived.

All that glitters on Mother’s Day is not gold.

If you peek behind the smiles, hugs, kisses, and in some cases, the beautiful hats, clothes, shoes and handbags, you will not always get the same picture as what is outwardly portrayed.

Although showered by accolades, gifts and kind words today, deep down inside, many mothers in the Body of Christ are tired, frustrated, angry, hurting and depressed.

Here’s what a few of these mothers had to say about their situations.

Sheena says,“I feel so stretched. Although there are demands, I can’t juggle another plate or I’ll drop them all. I wear so many hats that one more will send me over the edge. I play so many roles I don’t even know who I am anymore. Honestly, I feel like I just want out of this mother-thing.”

Donna says,“I am overwhelmed by the responsibility that I have to assume in my household as a mother, almost to a breaking point. Being the weaker vessel, I am not made to bear the weight that I do, but I have to because my husband refuses to step up and do the things he knows he ought to as the father of our children.”

Jackie says,“I feel helpless and bound. I saw my mother walk down a crazy path when raising me and my siblings and I vowed not to walk that same kind of path with my kids yet I find myself there. It’s like I’m living a nightmare and can’t wake up. I need help.”

Catherine says,“I am so weary and weighed down that I am running on empty. At this point I am just going through the motions of carrying out my motherly duties. My heart is not in it at all and I am cranky, snappy, and impatient with my kids. I don’t like being like this, but I just can’t help myself.”

Barbara says, “As a single mother I feel trapped in my situation. If I step back and release some things, everything will fall apart, but if I don’t step back and release some things, I will fall apart. I don’t know what to do. I’m in a raging battle and weariness is taking its toll.”

Paula says, “Truthfully, excuse my expression but right now I am pissed! I am so angry at the ungrateful attitude of my children and the lack of support from their fathers that I feel like I am about to explode………only the restraining power of the Holy Spirit is keeping me in check, and I don’t know how long that will last!”

Dawn says,“I’m angry too! I am angry with myself for having so many children. Oh how I despise myself for this! Not only do I despise myself for having the number of children I have, I despise them and their father. I know this is not right but it is where I am at; at least I’m being real”

Brenda says,“I am so, so tired. I believe I am on the verge of collapse, physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I am simply tired, worn-out, and weary.”

What about you?

What are you saying this Mother’s Day?

Are you in a maternal dilemma?

Whatever you are dealing with as a mother, today the Spirit of God says to you, “Be Strong”.

You say, “Lord, how can I be strong when I have little or nothing left in me?……How can I be strong when I am barely making it now?”

He says, “Be strong in Me not in your self. Be strong in Me and in the power of My might for it is not by your might, nor by your power, but by My Spirit that you shall overcome. Extend your faith and come to me afresh and anew and I will strengthen you. I will give you what you need to make it through.”

Listen, whether married with children or a single mother, the Spirit of God desires to impart new strength to your body, mind, soul and spirit right now…… do not have to leave this web page in the same condition that you came.

Will you let Him do it?

If yes, as an act of faith, raise your hands or touch your computer screen and say, “Lord I receive this impartation of your strength into every aspect of my being. ”

Believe you have received it and take a moment to thank Him for it.

In 1995, I spent Mother’s Day in hospital having just given birth to a still-born baby girl the day before. Seeing that we already had a son, my husband and I had fervently prayed for a daughter and now she was gone………what a Mother’s Day gift! That was a painful and difficult life event, yet in the midst of it all God enabled me to make the best of my Mother’s day that year.

Why am I sharing this?

To let you know that no matter what you face today, no matter how difficult your circumstances, by God’s grace you can make the best of your Mother’s Day too.

So, having said this, by His grace and in your newfound strength, go ahead and have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Be encouraged!



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