The Girl Species: Girl with “Daddy Issues”

Just over a week ago I received a post from my fellow blogger from Africa, Joseyphina ( entitled “The Girl Species: “Girl With Daddy Issues” that I am re-blogging with her permission. Be enlightened as you read. Blessings! Kim

Joseyphina's World

Every girl craves her father’s love.

The girl in this category is particularly difficult to deal with. Whether the father abandoned the family when she was still very young for another woman or he passed away, the absence of the male figure left a big vacuum in the heart of the girl.

So she grows up, looking for someone to occupy that empty space within her. Most often than not, she does not find the right substitute so she makes do with any guy who comes along who shows a little interest in her. What the guy realizes rather late is that, she is hanging on so tight as if her whole world revolves around him and that after a while, it drives him away.

So the story of her life: one guy after the other, falling in love with him because of one reason but falling out of love…

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