I’ve thought about writing this post for some time and I guess today is the day.

Over the past few years I’ve often been asked why I don’t follow many blogs.

Before answering, I must say that a multitude of blogs that publish excellent material well-worthy of reading exist, many of which belong to persons who follow my blog so this is definitely not about a lack of good quality content.

So why don’t I follow many blogs?

Well, the answer for me is three-fold, time, integrity and avoidance of mental clutter; I’ll speak to time and integrity first.

Following a blog means different things to different people.

For some, it means keeping up with and reading everything published, for others it means reading anything received that captures their interest, for others, it’s simply means adding another notch on the “social wall of blog following boasting rights”………”Oh, well I follow 85 blogs”.

For me, following a blog means making a commitment to keep up with and read the published materials and support the author with occasional comments and feedback.

Naturally this takes time and because of other commitments, goals and responsibilities that I have, by necessity the budgeted amount of time for this in my life is limited so I can not follow many blogs.

Some may say, well just follow but don’t read the material, no one will know.

Although a comfortable option for some, and everyone has a right to choose, for me, doing that would be false pretense and an issue of personal integrity so I don’t view it is a viable alternative.

The bottom line is if I can not commit to keeping up with and reading what an author publishes and support him/her with occasional comments and feedback, I prefer not to subscribe to or follow their blog but will visit and comment occasionally as time permits.

The other reason why I do not follow many blogs is to avoid mental clutter and thereby enable easier discernment of the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Everything that you or I read becomes a voice in our mind that can speak to us at will through our thoughts and the more we read, the more voices are available to speak.

As a Christian writer, my goal is to write words that encourage, edify and inspire the Body of Christ and bring glory to God so it is important that I am open to hear what He wants me to say.

What helps me tremendously with this is that I monitor my mental space and do not let my mind become so cluttered with material that when it is time for me to write, it is very difficult for me to discern if what I am hearing is His voice telling me what He wants me to say, or another voice contending for the platform.

Setting boundaries relative to the amount and kind of material I expose myself to helps me greatly in this regard so this is the other key reason why I do not follow many blogs and am prayerful in regard to my reading material in general.

So, for those who wonder why I do not follow many blogs, it’s really a personal issue of time, integrity and avoidance of mental clutter so that I can more easily hear what the Lord wants me to say when I write…. that’s it!



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  1. Very interesting post. I must admit that I don’t always read every post of the blogs that I follow. I never thought of it as an issue of integrity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’re welcome..:)……As you know everyone experiences things differently and in certain issues God deals with us differently……He tends to “hold me on a tight leash” with many things that are not issues at all for others….:)

  3. I understand what you mean and this is a dilemma for me too. On one hand, I want to support my blogging friends, make relationships and get others to read mine, but I don’t have the time to invest in reading 50-60 blog posts a day. These days I don’t have time to even read the few I really look forward to, although I try. I’ve noticed the numbers of people reading mine has dropped off too, but that is the price to pay, I guess. Everyone must be true to their convictions about how they use their time and resources.

  4. I totally identify and agree with you that the key is for everyone to be true to their own convictions about how they use their time and resources….I don’t want what is meant to bless to become a source of stress….:)

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