Being The Other Woman

Two days ago I received a post from my fellow blogger from Africa, Joseyphina ( entitled “Being The Other Woman” that I am re-blogging with her permission because it is a well written harsh reality that women, particularly young women, need to be very mindful of.

Be enlightened as you read and be encouraged to pass it on.


Joseyphina's World


I never considered the sting that comes with the tag “The Other Woman” until I became one. I always stereotyped that kind of woman to be that selfish, wicked and home wrecking kind who felt no qualms of breaking another woman’s heart and bleeding it dry. The thing is, I didn’t even know I was one.

Why would that thought even cross my mind when there were no red flags? Or maybe there were but I was too blindly in love to notice them. He was always there for me- in every way. Never reached his voicemail or worst still the lady on the other side telling me the phone was off when I called. Never threw a tantrum when I demanded more of what he readily offered: his time, affection and yeah, sometimes his money.

We had our little quarrels, yes; but that’s humanly normal. He never gave me…

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