From time-to-time, I like to post quotes that I view as noteworthy.

The following was sent to me via  Whatsapp this morning by Gino Maycock, my brother in Christ and the CEO/Owner of Colonial Realty Bahamas, and I’m sharing it with his permission.

“The Lord our God has shown me in a dream that worship has just moved to an all new level. If you want to worship the Lord it will now mean you have to stand for the Kingdom of heaven against the darkness of satan and risk life now. Risk job, fame, name, wealth, the possibility of losing all the non-heavenly that we have become so accustomed to along with life. Saints prepare yourselves for a new stand and a different type of worship. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus our Christ and King.” ~ Gino Maycock


When I received that message, it really resonated with me because the same thing has been in my spirit re the cost of living for Christ and of true worship in these last days.

The line between the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness is becoming increasingly distinct.  

As this happens, God is concurrently requiring His people to take more and more of a clear stand for Him and His Kingdom.

This stand, this bowing down of our lives to Him and His Kingdom purposes at the cost or potential cost of all else will be counted by Him as true worship for it will show His true worth-ship to us.


What price are you prepared to pay?

What are you prepared to lose or risk losing?

Where, and in what is the true treasure of your heart?

May our hearts be willing and His grace empower us to take a stand and worship Him as He desires and indeed requires.


“Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

(John 4:23-24 – NIV)


Be encouraged,



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10 thoughts on “NOTEWORTHY QUOTE 12

  1. Amen and thank you Kim for blessing us as you exercise your faithfulness to the work on behalf the Kingdom of God. The Father is without doubt pouring out his Spirit upon his people to prep us mentally for what’s upon us.

  2. Hey Gino…praise the Lord…\0/…I’m honored to have the privilege of using this platform to advance the Kingdom of God in some way. And yes, our Father is undoubtedly preparing us for what is upon us…may those who have an ear hear and heed what the Spirit is saying to the church. Thanks again for sharing that inspired word this morning and allowing me to share it with others….peace & blessings!

  3. Kim Good morning,

    Scripture verses and songs all my favorite thank you for the encouragement.

    May you too be encouraged today as you enjoy the splendour of our King or King and Lord of Lord JEHOVAH is HIS name.


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