Like Peter, you have cast your nets into the water time and time again with no fruit, no impact, no true effect.

You have tried and tried and tried, but nothing has worked, even though you know that the thing that you seek to do is of Me and from Me.

Time and time again you were at the point of giving up, walking away, leaving it alone…but you could not.

Time and time again, a looming cloud of discouragement threatened to quench the fire of zeal in your soul…but it could not.

It could not because I did not allow the flame of desire in your heart to go out, for indeed what you seek to do is of Me and from Me.

While you sought to cause it to be, I sought to cause you to become.

While you sought to make it, I sought to make you.

While you sought to prepare for it, I sought to prepare you for it.

While you sought to build it, I sought to build you.


Now that you are internally where I need you to be, I say to you, cast your nets again.

Cast them out again for this time you will catch a draught that you can not contain; a draught so large that you will need others to assist you.

Do not be discouraged.

Cast your nets again for this time, you will catch that which has seemingly been evading you.


Be encouraged!



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8 thoughts on “CAST YOUR NETS AGAIN

  1. Dear Kim ……..

    You never ever fail to inspire ……

    May Abba Father God be sooooo very close to you …….

    ………Alysse ……..

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  2. Thank You Kim, I am reminded of Bible study last night Numbers 25 :10-15 KJ – we must be zealous for the Lord and see Him work in our lives.

    Have a fabulous day.


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